Brand Identity. Website & 3D Renders

Client: Retail DnA (later renamed Retail ONE)

Brand Identity & Web Design: Daria Stratovich

Copy: Kristina Dyachenko

3D-Renders: Giorgi Gasashvili

Retail DnA (later renamed Retail ONE) business model is a combination of industry expertise and digital solutions from around the globe based in Russia, Moscow.

Within the Retail ONE ecosystem, there are the best experts from key functional areas in the Retail and Consumer Goods industries, as well as technological solutions that allow improving business quickly and smoothly.

Retail ONE ecosystem allows businesses to effectively solve complex business problems thanks to the accumulated expertise, access to the best technological resources, and reliable partnerships.

It offers services in 4 key areas:

  • Consulting

  • Digital Solutions

  • Data Management & Advanced Analytics

  • Outsourcing & Function Management

Retail DnA contacted us for building their brand identity, creating a website, and preparing brand assets such as a presentation deck. business cards, and so on.

Later on, after we finished the project the company decided to change its name to Retail ONE. The text in the logo was changed afterward by the Retail ONE internal design team.

Retail DnA: Brand Identity

The main goal was to create a feeling of a strong, powerful, and solid business ecosystem.


The concept of a business ecosystem is quite difficult to demonstrate visually, that's why we used 3D to illustrate their business model as a sphere that unites Experts, Digital Solutions, Business, and Investors.

The logo represents the business ecosystem model visualized as a circular net. The color scheme combines rich blue and white colors and is mostly dark.

We recommended using black and white photography for the website and branded materials.

Below, you will find 3D renders that are the main brand visual asset used for the website and pitch deck.

They represent the Retail DnA business model, connecting partners and solutions all over the globe.

Retail DnA: Website

The website consists of the main page and additional pages for each of the Retail DnA services as well as a page for partners to join the ecosystem. The entire website is multilingual and offers an English and a Russian version. It's optimised for mobile devices as well.