Our creative tribe

Throughout the years of our practice, we've met many talented experts in design, copywriting, art direction, music production, marketing, and other creative fields. We've known each other and worked together for years, and now, we joined forces with the best of them under a partnership umbrella of Social Animals.


Years of multi-disciplinary experience working with global companies and high-end clients allow us to be confident in the quality of everything we do. We select members of our partnership based on the needs and goals of every client. As a result, we can provide a full range of services in creative fields such as 3D and VFX, animation and motion graphics, graphic design and illustration, product design, music production, digital, mobile apps, and websites design, copywriting and editing, branding and editorial design, and many more.


Kate Gosteva

Art Direction / Product Design

Kate is experienced in graphic and product design as well as in art direction and team management. She is an expert in building digital products, websites, landing pages, mobile applications, and presentations.

She worked with large worldwide corporations and brands such as adidas, Reebok, VTB Bank, and Rostelecom. Check out Kate's portfolio on Behance.

You can find her portfolio on Behance.


Eugenia Zenkina

Art Direction / Graphic Design

Jenny is a skilled Graphic Designer and Art Director with years of experience working with large retail, mobile, eSports, and pharma companies such as adidas, Reebok, MegaFon, GlaxoSmithKline, Lenovo, and many others. Right now, she manages a team of designers at an eSposts company Virtus.Pro.

She is a multi-disciplinary expert in fields like branding, photo and video producing and directing, editorial design, presentations, vector illustrations, AR Instagram masks, digital products and mobile apps.

You can find her portfolio on Behance and Dribbble.


Kristina Dyachenko

Copywriting & Copy Editing / Social Media Marketing

Kristina is a Bachelor in Russian Philology: Russian Language & Literature and a professional copywriter and copy editor. She is experienced in writing and editing articles, news reports, speeches, blog posts, marketing texts and product descriptions. Additionally, she has been working with social media bloggers, helping them grow their audience and engagement, engage in profitable and meaningful partnerships, sell products, and create high-quality content.

Kristina is passionate about socially meaningful projects and volunteering, she is an official WWF supporter and has experience in promoting fundraisers and charity projects.


Giorgi Verulashvili

Musical Composition / Sound Design & Engineering

Giorgi has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music; Jazz and Popular music in particular. His extensive work experience in piano accompaniment for live theater performances influenced his expertise in the field of composition. He likes creating corporate and background music pieces, since he's from a rather complicated music genre, and his experience allows him to create music suitable for any mood.

"A big rhetorical question arises in the creative mind: can you create a masterpiece by force? The answer is yes, if you have the force! And this is what we, Social Animals, have."


Maria Protopopova

Illustration / English Copywriting / Marketing & Communications

Marie is the chief artist behind Promarie Creative. Her passion for storytelling, combined with project management experience and a rigorous business acumen sets her apart from other creatives.

Marie holds an MBA and has extensive experience working in Marketing and Communications at global companies and brands in the U.S. and in CIS such as adidas and Reebok.