Brand Identity

Client: Global Engineering Organisation

Global Engineering Organization is an infrastructure engineering company specialized in designing, planning, managing, and site investigation.


The task was to build a brand identity for GEO starting with a logo and finishing with a sales presentation template.


The logo is shaped like a Penrose triangle, which is an "impossible object" or, in other words, an optical illusion. It can't exist as a solid object but can be visible as a drawing from a certain perspective. The logo represents the main idea behind the brand and its slogan "Making the impossible."


We also created a pattern based on a Penrose triangle shape, which can be used as a background for various applications.


The main color of the brand is rich blue. It represents stability, confidence, and professionalism of the GEO team.

We've made a set of branded stationary using the logo, the pattern, and the brand color as well as a branded presentation pitch deck.

GEO: Brand Identity