We are Giorgi and Daria

Creators, partners, founders of Social Animals, and simply a husband and a wife. We share passion for design and high-quality content and strive towards new challenges. We work as a creative duo and, depending on the needs of our clients, join forces with our partners.

Giorgi Gasashvili

Motion & 3D Design Generalist

I'm a Multidisciplinary Designer from the Republic of Georgia with a bachelor degree in Theoretical Physics. Since childhood, I've been fascinated by the possibility to create something awesome out of nothing. One of my brightest childhood memories is when I saw "Star Wars" for the first time; I was overwhelmed by the visual storytelling.

I'm captivated by "all things physics," and I dedicated my university years to theoretical physics. I've started learning design because I've always been interested in the use of imagery in problem-solving, communications, storytelling, and building relationships with the audience.

Daria Stratovich

Graphic Designer & Copy Editor

Being a Graphic Designer and a Copywriter I merge my passion for visual aesthetics and the belief in the power of words.

Strong copy and bold design are at the core of every successful brand. I believe that they are the strongest tools to establish and sustain an emotional connection with people. That's why I'm so fascinated with building brands and exploring design communications.


At Social Animals, we guide companies and individuals on their journey to building a brand, letting their voices be heard, and, eventually, reaching their goals.

Let's work together!